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Importance of User & Passkey parameters
Importance of user parameter:

Usually, our some widgets are not used database to store the data. But, some widgets require database to store the data for specific user. So, we decided to take user parameter.

When user parameter is used by user for specific widget, our script will collect their data from that user widget data and send them.

It is another one importance. we are blocked specific widget data of specific user for some security purpose.

Importance of passkey parameter:

By using of passkey parameter, We are given safety to the user data of their specific widget data.

When user is used their specific widget without safety, the another user can use specific widget data with using of that user's user parameter. It is one drawback of using of widget with database.

So, we decided to take passkey parameter.

We request to user that the user don't inform their passkey to others with their username.

Otherwise, we are not responsible of lose of your data.

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